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How To Grow Your Law Firm With Digital Marketing In 2020

Is digital marketing an ally of your law firm, or do you count on luck when it comes to clients? In an increasingly digital market, online marketing has become a basic element to survive commercially. It could be defined as a compass that guides you to understand your customer’s needs better, but also allows consumers to find you easily. But how does this affect the legal field? Can legal professionals benefit from its advantages?

Marketing for lawyers or legal marketing can help you differentiate yourself from the rest. It helps you to attract and understand much better what your potential client’s needs are. In this post, we tell you how to grow your business with digital marketing in 2020 yourself but you can always get help marketing your law firm by working with specialists that do this kind of thing on a day to day basis.


As a law firm, you need to create fun and practical, functional websites to be competitive in the legal world. A very large part of your customers come from your city or locality. Your website is the basis for your digital marketing efforts. It is the basis that allows you to provide relevant information about your services and skills.

Publishing quality articles will ensure that you have other prospects and potential customers. Your website should faithfully reflect your law firm, its practices, and its values. However, it can perform other functions, such as providing free information online to answer common legal questions from users. This will help build your reputation as a reliable authority on legal matters with increasing potential.


SEO is the practice of using strategies to increase the ranking of your site in search results. If you don’t know how to do this, you can hire An SEO specialist or SEO writer to review your site. If you choose to optimize your site, you can start with the following practices:

• Get back-links (links that point to your website) by creating great content for readers to share

• Link to other similar sites of high quality

• Carefully research relevant keywords


Content is essential to generate a community of people interested in your services. You need to create free content that adds value to your potential customers, but also offer more space to position your site on strategic keywords and attract traffic.

Note that valuable content can take many forms. Common content is a question and answers session. A page can contain the questions and answers that you hear most. If you can write answers succinctly, they can be highlighted on the top page of Google.


Videos are currently the best format to attract new customers and build trust. Creating videos that inform and clarify doubts about different legal issues is a good tool to get more clients to your law firm.

In your digital strategy, you can implement short videos that solve specific issues. You don’t have to lecture, just answer common questions in easy-to-understand words. That way, your potential clients will see how well educated you are, and when they need legal help, your office will be their first option. In addition, Video Marketing has the benefit of reinforcing the image of your law firm.



Social networks are the best platform to publicize your law firm. And it is here where you can humanize your service, interact with your potential clients, and find out what they think about your law firm. In addition, having a presence in networks will not only help you build a solid brand image, but also attract new customers. When they see the testimonials and positive comments on your network, they will feel more confident when contracting your services.


Law firm marketing and brand building are good initiatives, but sometimes they are not enough for you to appear on those who search for your services. For this reason, ads are one of the fastest ways you can try. In particular, Google Ads can help you get qualified leads from users who are actively searching for your service. These campaigns have a high conversion rate since the hiring of a lawyer only happens when the services are needed.


A good law firm marketing strategy begins by analyzing the reality of the firm and clearly defining the objectives. You have to think big and be clear about where you want to go and strive to achieve it. The important thing is to pay attention to the strategy. If you don’t have the time to learn these strategies, you can get help marketing your law firm from specialists who have specialized in legal marketing.…

5 Ways Digital Marketing Trumps Traditional Marketing

The marketing space is going through a change all over the world. Traditional marketing methods such as tv and radio advertisements, billboards and newspapers are still quite prevalent but digital marketing methods such as SEO and Facebook Advertising have undoubtedly carved out their own user base and look to be here for the foreseeable.

As our domain name might suggest, however, we are biased toward digital marketing so in the battle of the marketing “buckets”, we’ve written this article to bolster the argument for why digital is better than traditional.

1. Digital marketing provides more extensive exposure for your brand.

Digital market provides that undeniable advantage of creating more extensive exposure for your brand than can be achieved via the application of traditional marketing. While you may be seeking to target potential clients at a local level, digital marketing is able to expose your brand at the global level.

Despite the fact that traditional radio or print marketing efforts may impact a nation, the reaching effects do have limitations somewhat. However, digital marketing can reach more expensive audiences across the globe without the hindrance of limitations.

2. Digital marketing proves to be more financially profitable.

It is realized that a terrific digital marketing effort is truly an investment. However, in comparison to traditional marketing efforts, digital marketing has a lower cost. In addition, it yields a much higher return in the form of profits.

The truth is that companies that are smaller in size do not possess enough finances in regard to advertising via radio or television. It is exciting that small businesses can reach thousands of potential clients via the placement of just one post via digital marketing. The results can be positively massive.

3. Results can be measured and provide more accuracy.

There are many tools that provide insights regarding digital marketing efforts. These tools are made available online. As a result, it does not require much effort to gain insight into the success that has been achieved via the usage of digital marketing. Take into consideration the fact that tools like Google Analytics are able to conduct the break down of the results to show particular demographic groups, so that you are provided with the data that you require in order to comprehend your potential clients at a deeper level.

digital marketing results

4. Digital marketing allows the information of companies to be more readily accessible.

The usage of smart phones has impacted daily activities. Prior to smart phones, society was indeed exposed to much advertising. However, with smart phones, there is even a more explosive exposure to advertising.

People no longer are taking a long time to search the Yellow Page of the phone book to locate a particular service. There is no need when you can quickly conduct a search on Google and get results in milliseconds. That is why you need to use digital marketing in order to be located online. Otherwise, your competitors will gain the new clients instead of you.

5. Digital marketing allows interaction without being invasive.

Digital marketing allows your business to engage and interact with your customer/client base without being invasive. When you interact with your potential customers online via sharing, subscribing, commenting or messaging, this heightens the level of loyalty that your potential customers will demonstrate because of this personal interaction with you, your business and your brand. This cannot be achieved through television ads or print ads.

When the loyalty of the people online is increased, then they will want to do business with your company by purchasing the products and services that it has to offer. As this happens, this will translate into more sales and profits for your business overall, which indicates just how valuable digital marketing really is..…

4 Ways Attorneys are using digital marketing services to grow their legal practices online

You already know that digital marketing has become a necessity no matter your business. Everyone has a website and they are all using SEO keywords to move their website up in the search engines. But are you aware that marketing for legal businesses requires a different approach than for businesses that are just selling products?

Digital marketing for legal practices requires some strategic thinking in order to have a successful online media campaign. Read on to find out how you can grow your legal business online.

4 Ways Attorneys are using digital marketing services to grow their legal practices online

1. Blogging

You may think blogging is for social media influencers and stay at home moms selling health products. But the truth is, a well-informed blog can help your website jump to the top of the search engines.

When people need legal help, they don’t just search for attorneys, they look for information for their legal issues. You can post relevant information that answers your clients frequently asked questions.

If they find good information on your website, you have already had your first positive encounter with them, before they ever even contacted you.

2. Social Media

Now you can take your well-written and informative blog article and put the posts on social media. It’s been found that 79% of Americans have a social media platform.

Have a strong call to action on your post with either a large button for people to click to get to your website or a brochure they can download after giving their email address. Don’t overlook social media as a way to get exposure for you law firm.

3. Optimize your Website

You may be drawing people to your website, but if it’s not properly optimized, they aren’t going to stay there. Websites need to load quickly, be easy to navigate and be mobile-friendly.

Be sure your practice areas are easy to find and add successful case stories to illustrate what you’ve done in the past and how you can help your next client. This is not a place to be modest. Be sure to add all of your awards and certifications.

4. Hire a Marketing Consultant

You know the legal business, let the experts assist you in the online marketing business. There are a lot of nuances to a successful media campaign.

You need to do market research, target the right audience, and use data analysis to ensure you are spending your marketing budget in the right places.

A good consultant should be able to track where you are having success and where you are not. If something isn’t working, you need to be able to be flexible and adjust your strategies And don’t forget to choose a consultant with experience in digital marketing for legal practices.

Don’t let your competitors get ahead of you in your online marketing efforts. SERP Co provides law firm marketing services & digital consulting to the legal industry.

We know what it takes to help you achieve optimal results. We use data-driven analytics to research your market and determine the best way to grow your legal firm. Contact us today to get your plan started…