Internet Marketing Strategies for Attorneys

Marketing is a crucial part of operating a law firm or for attorneys, but the methods have changed. Current digital marketing strategies are far from what attorney’s used a few years back. In fact, three out of four people will head over to the internet to look for attorneys.

Since online marketing has proven to be a popular and effective method, the following internet strategies work well with law firms and attorneys.


1. Web design

Having a website is no longer an optional requirement; to compete in the legal world, law firms need to construct a responsive website. However, an attorney can create their own website, although they may need expert assistance later.

A website designed by a professional can easily improve online experience for users. Your landing page should have relevant information and contacts including links to your blogs and academic publications. Furthermore, for your website to be responsive, it needs to be accessible through most online resources, e.g. mobile phones. Almost
88% of users looking for a product or service start by searching through their mobile phones.

2. Content marketing

Content marketing covers a wide range of areas including ebooks, blogs, infographics, and videos. Since attorneys already have a wealth of knowledge on a number of topics, it is easy to instill thought leadership through content marketing.

If a user was looking for legal advice and finds a helpful blog post linked to your website, they will be more likely to visit the website itself. This renders content marketing very helpful in building a loyal customer relationship.

3. Video marketing

If you can’t secure an advertisement on your local tv station, then consider making your own videos and use them to drive leads. In US alone, the average adult spends almost 80 minutes watching videos online each day. As a popular service, You Tube is one of the best places to start-off with an average of 4 billion views per day.

Video marketing is used now more than ever by big legal firms, attorneys and in many other fields. It’s no surprise that more law firms are integrating video marketing in their online campaigns. Including video content simplifies the complex thought a user may have towards the practice and eases their minds even before they meet the attorneys themselves.

4. Social media

It is nearly impossible to survive as a law firm without a strong social media presence. Nowadays people direct all the gaps in society through social media, critics expose people through social media, and the list goes on. Even your new client is probably on social media already.

It is crucial that any attorney should maintain a professional and authoritative profile on all social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others essential to your practice. One big advantage to social media platforms is that you can start connecting with your potential client even before they give you a call. You can reply to comments, send direct messages, among many other possibilities of communicating.

5. Email marketing

Statistics show that email marketing has the highest return on investment (ROI) out of all internet marketing strategies? It is also cost effective as compared to similar concepts. Just make sure your email does not include all the legal jargon you use to persuade judges.

Compile an easy to read email that will have your potential clients clicking on your website for more information.  If recipients can easily read your email, then they will have the confidence to reply or send to other recipients as a recommendation. Remember to include links to all your social media accounts, blogs, and website as well.

Internet Marketing Strategies for Dentists

Nowadays marketing is carried online. In order to realize the best out of your dentist marketing, you need to adapt the best internet marketing strategies for dentists. The different tactics you can apply will have different benefits as well as disadvantages. You need to check on the benefits associated with the different strategies before you proceed to adopt a given strategy. Getting advice from experts in the field is necessary because they will make it easy for you to know the best strategies you can adapt to succeed when marketing the services online.

Top internet marketing strategies for dentists


Search Engine Optimization

Through the use of search engine optimization, you can tract a lot of people to your business. Search engine optimization should be carried out in a professional manner. You need to carry out both on page SEO as well as off page SEO so that you can attract more people to your dentists business.

The experts in the SEO know how to employ different tactics which aim at making your website rank high. If you can manage to rank high, you tend to attract more people to your business which will play a great role in growing your business income.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

There are different platforms which offer pay per click services. You can use Google or any other search engine to utilize the Pay per Click tactics. If the tactics are performed well, they will lead you to attract new leads which can end up converting hence make you achieve great success in your online marketing.

There are several dentists who have tried the marketing tactics and they have realized great success in their business marketing. It is a great method you can apply to realize great success in your online digital marketing for dentists.

Content Marketing

It is another great method you can apply to carry out marketing for dentists. In the content marketing efforts, you will have to great attractive content which will offer value to readers.

When the readers get value out of the services you offer, they will recommend other people to your business. When people develop trust, they will trust you for more business.

Social Media Marketing

There are several social media platforms which play a great role in making people know about your services. You need to assess the effectiveness of different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter among others and decide on the best.

Many people use social media platforms to carry out marketing services. If you can choose the right social media platform to market your services, you will attract more people to your services which will lead to more business.

Reputation Management

You need to keep track of your online reputation. There are several things which can happen hence lead to the running of your reputation. For example, your competitors can decide to spread bad news about your services.

You need to employ experts who will monitor your online mentions and act fast to manage your reputation so that you can develop trust in potential customers which can lead to more business. Online marketing is an issue you should never ignore if you would like to attract more sales to your business.

4 Ways Attorneys are using digital marketing services to grow their legal practices online

You already know that digital marketing has become a necessity no matter your business. Everyone has a website and they are all using SEO keywords to move their website up in the search engines. But are you aware that marketing for legal businesses requires a different approach than for businesses that are just selling products?

Digital marketing for legal practices requires some strategic thinking in order to have a successful online media campaign. Read on to find out how you can grow your legal business online.

4 Ways Attorneys are using digital marketing services to grow their legal practices online

1. Blogging

You may think blogging is for social media influencers and stay at home moms selling health products. But the truth is, a well-informed blog can help your website jump to the top of the search engines.

When people need legal help, they don’t just search for attorneys, they look for information for their legal issues. You can post relevant information that answers your clients frequently asked questions.

If they find good information on your website, you have already had your first positive encounter with them, before they ever even contacted you.

2. Social Media

Now you can take your well-written and informative blog article and put the posts on social media. It’s been found that 79% of Americans have a social media platform.

Have a strong call to action on your post with either a large button for people to click to get to your website or a brochure they can download after giving their email address. Don’t overlook social media as a way to get exposure for you law firm.

3. Optimize your Website

You may be drawing people to your website, but if it’s not properly optimized, they aren’t going to stay there. Websites need to load quickly, be easy to navigate and be mobile-friendly.

Be sure your practice areas are easy to find and add successful case stories to illustrate what you’ve done in the past and how you can help your next client. This is not a place to be modest. Be sure to add all of your awards and certifications.

4. Hire a Marketing Consultant

You know the legal business, let the experts assist you in the online marketing business. There are a lot of nuances to a successful media campaign.

You need to do market research, target the right audience, and use data analysis to ensure you are spending your marketing budget in the right places.

A good consultant should be able to track where you are having success and where you are not. If something isn’t working, you need to be able to be flexible and adjust your strategies And don’t forget to choose a consultant with experience in digital marketing for legal practices.

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